Olà, I am Eva

Certified Business Trainer & Coach with 8 years experience in international talent and leadership development.



I help organizations to develop outstanding leaders and high-performance teams.



Only when we get to know ourselves, know what drives us, we can create a meaningful (professional) life that fulfills us.


The Tibetans describe the self-confidence of being who you are as the "roar of the lion".


I am a trustworthy, reliable and professional partner who connects easily with people, is trusted and cares for the success of her clients.


I believe in the power of diverse thinking, teamwork and making our workplaces more inclusive and empowering.


Courage is for me to leave your own trail and pioneering to make a positive impact in our world.


  • My grandmother, born in Spain, interpreted in Germany in the 1960s for guest workers from Spain, Greece, and Portugal. Maybe that's where my passion for intercultural communication and cultures comes from​

  • After graduating from high school I did a voluntary social year in Brazil and worked with children from socially disadvantaged families. These experiences were an eye-opener for me on how important access to education and lifelong learning is

  • My greatest strength is my sensitivity and intuition. I come into a room and I am quite good at assessing the atmosphere, work culture, and team spirit.


I love my work

  • I was born in Frankfurt a. Main, I love the international airport. A place for encounters and adventure. I was able to work for Lufthansa during my studies and get to know the area of "Change Management and Diversity".​

  • Whoever works with me appreciates my optimism and my enthusiasm. You can hear my laughter from several meters away. Joy & work are connected to me.​

  • In my first year of self-employment I lived and worked in more than 30 cities in Europe, Asia, and America.​​​