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I've never done any coaching before. When will I know if coaching is right for me?

If you have never experienced coaching before it is difficult to imagine the impact and results you will get out of it. That’s why I offer a free chemistry call to clarify what your intentions are, where you get to experience how I work and too see if we are the right fit. I don’t work with someone just for the sake of it, if what you're looking for is not suited for coaching, I'll let you know.

Does coaching via telephone/zoom work at all?

Yes, Coaching via Zoom or mobile has multiple benefits:
You don’t get distracted by visuals and can focus on yourself, your senses and intuition
You safe time and money for transfer and can enjoy the coaching experience from the comfort of your home, taking a walk or any place where you don’t get distracted or interrupted

Is it worth it?

Research has proven that one-to-one coaching is the most effective means of upgrading your skill set, such as improving your leadership behaviors (“Coaching Counts,” 2007). However, there are many variables which affect if it will be worth your investment.

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