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are you ready to amplify your impact as a heart-centered leader?  

Join the Heart@Work 

Community Circle



Are you a heart-centered, “unconventional” leader dedicated to making a positive impact with your work? 


Do you sometimes struggle with balancing your desire to be of service while not depleting yourself in the process?


I feel you!


From my own experience, I know how important it is to fill your cup and let go of destructive people-pleasing tendencies to be in true service to others.


The Heart@Work Community Circle is an intimate space to be held, seen, and supported


This program will help you balance caring for yourself and fueling your mission.


Why you will want to sign up

These can happen for you:

  • feel less alone and more supported and uplifted 

  • make self-love a priority to stay energized and focused on your mission

  • explore when and why you get stuck by self-doubt and how you can make space for growth

  • cultivate groundedness and foster a calm nervous system to navigate the challenges of being a female leader in this world 

  • safe space to learn more about yourself and your (leadership) potential

What you will get

The first round of the heart@work community circle, starting April 21, will include:

Transformative online workshops 

You will take part in four transformative virtual live workshops, designed for female leaders.


The 2h-sessions will take place on Sunday evening, once a month, around the full moon.


All sessions have a specific theme, including resources, guided practices, and sharing. 

Private Community Platform

You will get access to a private community platform. Here, you will find everything you need to prepare for the sessions and more resources to dive deeper after each session.

You can also connect with other female impact makers from all over the world and exchange support. 

Bonus: Coffee Circles  

There will be two 60-minute coffee circles during the program (dates decided with the community).

The aim of these "hot seat" sessions is that you have space to share a specific challenge, goal, or specific issue you are facing and then receive input, coaching, or advice from the whole group and facilitator. 

The Heart@Work Community Circle is right for you if you are:


  • curious, passionate, and purpose-driven about making this world a bit better

  • a heart-centered leader, pioneer, or change maker: solopreneur, founder, or corporate team leader in the private or public sector. You are, in some capacity, impacting people with your work


  • dedicated to your own personal and professional growth

  • interested in sharing your experiences and connecting with an international community 

  • aligned with the values of freedom, equality, and conscious leadership


Transformative workshops

Session 1: Building Connection 
You will deepen your understanding of creating deep, meaningful connections in your life, learn more about yourself, others, and this community, and co-design the community's DNA with an emphasis on generosity and curiosity.
Session 2: Self Discovery - What is your story? 
You will explore what shapes your personal identity and beliefs, acquire practical tools for unlocking hidden (leadership) potential, and learn how to empower yourself by creating your story.
Session 3: Riding the Waves of Change 
This session focuses on reflecting on how we deal with life transitions, common fears, and associated behaviors as social impact makers. We practice tools to build heart-centered courage and navigate through uncertainty.
Session 4: Make your imprint 
We delve into transitioning from consumer to creator, reflecting on personal purpose, and exploring strategies to disconnect from collective energy to amplify individual power.

What previous clients said

Eva worked with us in Women On Top's "Leading to the Top" workshop series, to train 25 professionals in leadership skills -i.e. Building high-performance teams and Emotional Intelligence for Leaders. She also did two days of train-the-trainer workshops for 10 multipliers in leadership development for women.


All along she was an inspiration to work with -her knowledge, preparedness, honesty, composure and compassion were as much instructing for us as her actual training materials -which were really engaging and hands-on. I wholeheartedly recommend her for mid-level leadership training and I would love to attend more of her in-depth work with seasoned professionals.

Stella Kasdagli, Co-Founder Women On Top, Greece

Join the next round!

Thanks for joining the waiting list!

Your facilitator:


Bom dia. I am Eva, a global citizen with German and Spanish roots who lives in the Algarve, Portugal. 

I have been working independently for five years now with this idea of bringing a bit more heart into the (business) world by offering personalized coaching sessions, leadership development programs for international organizations like Nintendo, UNICEF, DHL, Dataiku, and more, and retreats in Portugal.


I look forward to creating a heart-opening space for you and other like-minded women to balance service with self-care.

Here you can find out more about my personal story and professional journey. 



What is the Heart@Work Community Circle?

  • The Heart@Work Community Circle is a nurturing and supportive space designed for heart-centered, "unconventional" leaders, who are committed to making a positive impact through their work. It is a program and an intimate space where you can feel held, seen, and supported.

  • Through this program, you'll gain valuable tools and insights to help you balance caring for yourself and nurturing your mission.

What happens in the Heart@Work Community Circle?

  • During the Heart@Work Community Circle, you'll engage in four transformative virtual live workshops tailored for female leaders. These two-hour sessions are scheduled on Sunday evenings, coinciding with the full moon, providing a sacred and aligned time for reflection and growth. Each workshop is centered around a specific theme, offering valuable resources, guided practices, and opportunities for sharing among participants.

  • Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to participate in two 60-minute coffee circles during the program. These sessions, scheduled at times determined collaboratively with the community, provide a supportive environment for "hot seat" coachings. Here, you can openly share any challenges, goals, or specific issues you're facing, and receive input, coaching, or advice from both the facilitator and the group as a whole.

  • You will also have access to a community platform. You will find everything you need to prepare for the sessions and more resources to dive deeper after each session. You can also connect with other female impact makers from all over the world and exchange support.

Who can join the Community Circle?

  • The Heart@Work Community Circle welcomes female heart-centered leaders, pioneers, and changemakers across various sectors who are dedicated to positively impacting others through their work.

What is Eva's Coaching Style?

  • Eva's coaching style is grounded in her Co-Active Coach and Business Trainer certification. She specializes in creating supportive environments where clients tap into their inner resources and are empowered to make decisions in alignment with their personal truths and values.

  • Eva's approach involves asking thought-provoking questions, providing gentle challenges, actively listening, and demonstrating genuine care for the women she works with.

  • Through this collaborative and compassionate approach, Eva guides her clients on their journey of growth and self-discovery.

I am struggling at the moment, going through a transformation, and/or feeling low energy. Would this be the right step for me?

  • Everyone is going through different challenges and life phases. You don't need to be in a perfect state to join; in fact, the community is designed to provide support during times of transformation or low energy.

  • While we offer a space for sharing and mutual understanding, it's important to note that the community does not serve as group or individual therapy.

  • If you're uncertain whether this is the right step, please consult Eva before signing up.

Where will the sessions take place?

  • All sessions (the four workshops and the two coffee circles) will take place online on Zoom.

  • A community platform will also be available to connect with the others and the content between sessions.

What if I can't attend one session?

  • Participants are kindly asked to attend at least two of the four virtual workshops scheduled for the program. Workshop dates are specified on the program's website. Attendance at the coffee circles is optional.

  • It is essential that you are fully present during the workshop session, actively engaging in the activities and discussions.

  • The sessions will be recorded and made accessible to the community members.

What if I don't like it?

  • If, after attending the first workshop session, you are not completely satisfied with the program, Eva will refund your full program fee.

  • To request a refund, please submit a written request within 24 hours after the conclusion of the first workshop session, detailing your reasons for dissatisfaction.

  • Your satisfaction is important, and Eva values your feedback. Eva is committed to addressing any concerns you may have.

  • Upon receipt of a valid refund request, we will process the refund in full within 14 business days.

  • Please note that this money-back guarantee applies only to the first workshop session and does not extend to subsequent sessions.

How will the members of the community be selected?

  • Community members will be selected based on the order of sign-up submissions.

  • Eva will review the information provided in the form to ensure alignment with the community's criteria and principles, thus operating on a first-come, first-served basis.

How much time will I commit to if I take part in the Community Circle?

  • Participants in the Community Circle can expect to commit approximately two hours per month for workshops, an additional two hours over four months for coffee circles, and around 30 minutes per week for session preparation, follow-up, and engagement with fellow community members.

What happens after the program ends?

  • To be decided. After the first round, which ends at the end of July 2024, the community can decide whether and how to continue.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch

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