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Break free from the toxic hamster wheel and walk your own path courageously!

As an empath, you feel depleted from the nine-to-five system. It is important to you that not only your mind but also your heart is present in the work you do. You might struggle to be your true self and realize your unique potential, as it may not fit into a "normal" career path.

You long for meaningful work that is aligned with your values. A work life that is freeing and organized around your life, not the other way around. 
The heart@work journey guides you from a soulless career to your heartfelt work life. 

Heart@work journey for empathic women

Imagine this:

  • Grow in confidence and trust in yourself, because you become more aware of who you are, your individual potential, and your superpowers as an empath

  • Get out of your survival mode and instead connect with your heart and intuition again

  • Know how to live and incorporate your personal WHY, core values, and flow state into your daily life

  • Overcome self-doubt, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome


  • Learn how to develop a powerful relationship with yourself and others and how to set boundaries

  • Create an authentic, value-driven career/business vision for yourself

  • Receive step-by-step support in creating a freeing and heartfelt work life and/ or starting your own business.

Rediscovered what is really important to me

"I wanted to act confidently in all areas of life according to my values. In some areas, I felt stuck. Through the coaching, I now have integrated beliefs and behaviours in my everyday life, which are more aligned with who I am. I feel much lighter and have rediscovered what is really important to me. I recommend the coaching journey to everyone who wants to be accompanied empathically in a safe, trusting setting to reach the next level of a fulfilling life."

Susanna, Business Owner


The Heart@work journey is right for you if you:

  • are an ambitious, empathic woman

  • want to be your whole authentic self at work and don't want to change your personality to fit in anymore

  • value meaning, purpose, and contributing to something you truly believe in, more than climbing the corporate career ladder

  • want to be a role model and positive inspiration for the people in your life

  • are open-minded, a global citizen at heart, and love to work internationally and/or remotely

  • invest into your personal and professional growth.

How does your coaching journey work
I am a certified Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) and use my 10 years of experience as a learning and development expert to help women to connect and live their truth.
I also support global organizations like UNICEF, UNAIDS, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Child Helpline International, Youth Against Aids, ASICS, and more in developing their teams and leaders with bespoke workshops and development programs.

The Heart@work Journey:

  • Tailored coaching journey (3 months, via Zoom or in person in the Algarve, Portugal): 

Free introductory call (50 MIN)
8 Powerful coaching sessions (60-90 MIN)
  • Right from the beginning, you will feel more energy and clarity to move in the direction of your desired changes
  • During the sessions, I will guide you through different questions, embodiment techniques, guided visualizations, and other tools to see your situation from different angles, get out of your head back into your body, release mental blockages and listen to your deepest inner wisdom​
  • In between the coaching sessions, you will take on individual assignments, reflections/actions to deepen your learning and transformation process
  • You will receive guidance and weekly check-ins to help you follow through with your intentions
  • Continuous personal support via WhatsApp

Limited spots - I take in 3 women at the beginning of every month.

Investment: 1.300 EUR, excl. VAT*
​* Monthly Payment is possible according to individual agreement.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.


Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is how it works:

  1. Introduction: During a complimentary "Chemistry Call", we get to know each other, discuss your intentions and how I can support you best (50 Min)
  2. Discovery: In our first session, we define our coaching relationship and the roadmap for your journey
  3. Exploration and growth: In the transformative coaching sessions we work with different methods and exercises on your topics
  4. Deepening: You get access to worksheets, mediations, and other resources tailored to your individual needs
  5. Action: In the time between our sessions you will implement individual tasks and take time for reflection. You can reach me by phone, WhatsApp, and e-mail for ongoing support

Included Bonuses

  • Personalized guided visualization to access your heart and inutition 

  • Guideline on how to follow through with your desired goals

Empath Survival Guide Cover.png

Get your copy of my

Empath Survival Guide:

How to not be paralyzed by your inner critic(s)

Thank you! You will receive your download link shortly!♡

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