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Welcome to Heart@Work

Leading with your heart

For change makers  

Are you tired of running in the hamster wheel?

If you question the patriarchial nine-to-five system, you are not alone.


Like me, you rethink what is considered “normal” like being constantly exhausted and waiting for the next weekend or holiday to feel alive. 


I understand the struggles of being highly empathic and sensitive in a culture that prioritizes masculine traits like external achievements over meaning and fulfillment. 


Female leaders often doubt their capabilities and ask, "Who am I to do this?" or "Am I really good enough?".


Your Heart’s Path: A Journey to Purpose and Impact


The heart@work journey is here to help you break free from self-doubt and toxic masculinity, encouraging you to play big and create the life you want.


Instead of living from one holiday to the next, you will co-create meaningful, heartfelt work, be a change-maker and pioneer, and positively impact the people and environment around you.


From living on autopilot to following your heart

For the first 30 years, I had done my best to build a life that ticked all boxes and felt safe.

Volunteering abroad, getting a Master’s degree, landing a dream corporate job, getting married. While friends around me settled and started their families, I realized my soul longed for something different. I wanted to live a life that was true to myself.


I am a highly sensitive who lives to connect with and support like-minded women in a deeply personalized and safe way. 

During my coaching certification, I learned the tools to embody my truth, and values and thereby, I transformed my work and personal life.

After years of being afraid to follow my heart, I quit my job, started my location-independent business, traveled the world, and finally moved to Portugal. 


Today, I work for international organizations as a leadership development facilitator and offer my own personal 1:1 coaching programs, retreats, and workshops. 


The biggest lesson I learned in the last five years is that no matter what work path we choose, things will flow if we do our work aligned with our true self and heart (not just mind).


This requires getting to know yourself deeper, knowing how to listen to your intuition and receiving encouraging support on the way. 

Imagine this:


End the Toxic Cycle:  Break free from the societal pressure and expectations that hold you back. Maybe like me you want to work less and organise your work around your life, not the other way around.

Grow in Confidence and Self-Trust: With this journey, you'll learn more about who you truly are. Explore the superpowers that come with being an empathic, heart-centered leader. Watch your confidence grow as you develop more trust in your capabilities.

Live intentionally: Rediscover what you genuinely want to create and why. Be guided towards a path where you live with purpose and embody your values. 

Create Meaningful Impact: Transform from feeling hopeless or being passive to a proactive change-maker. Know how you impact this world on social, economic and/or environmental levels and make a positive difference for matters you care about.

Develop Powerful Relationships and Set Boundaries: Let's explore the art of cultivating strong, meaningful relationships, starting with the one you have with yourself. I'll provide insights on setting healthy boundaries, fostering connections that nurture and support your personal journey.

Step-by-Step Support for a Heartfelt Work Life: Receive personalized, step-by-step support in becoming the architect of a work-life that is freeing and heartfelt. 

Overcame my fear and started my own business

"I did the coaching program with Eva and loved it! Our coaching journey helped me to keep walking my own path, overcome my fears, leave a toxic work environment and realize my business idea to improve corporate social responsibility.

Eva was supportive, had lots of good input, and put me back on the right track- the one where I follow my values."

Federica Suess, Founder Etika, France 


The Heart@work journey is right for you if you:

  • are an empathic, heart-centered leader​, pioneer, and/or change maker (or this path is calling you)

  • want to be your whole authentic self in all areas of your life and don't want to change your personality to fit in 


  • value meaning, purpose, and contributing to something you truly believe in, more than climbing the corporate career ladder


  • want to be a role model and positive inspiration for the people in your life


  • are open-minded, a global citizen at heart, and love to work internationally and/or remotely


  • curious and continuously invest in your personal and professional growth

Why heart@work?
I am a certified Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) and use my 11 years of experience as a learning and development consultant to help women connect and live their truth.
I also support global organizations like Nintendo, UNICEF, UNAIDS, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Child Helpline International, Youth Against Aids, ASICS, and more in developing their teams and leaders with bespoke workshops and development programs.
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From epiphany to action: 

Your 3-month bespoke coaching journey:
Free introductory call (50 MIN)
6 Powerful coaching sessions (60 MIN)


  • Energy & Clarity: Right from the beginning, you will feel more energy and clarity to move in the right direction of your desired changes


  • Transformational Coaching Tools: During the sessions, I will guide you through different questions, embodiment techniques, guided visualizations, and other tools to see your situation from different angles, get out of your head back into your body, release mental blockages and listen to your deepest inner wisdom​


  • Momentum: In between the coaching sessions, you will take on individual assignments, reflections/actions to deepen your learning and transformation process


  • Care, Guidance & Accountability: You will receive personalized guidance and weekly check-ins to help you follow through with your intentions

Limited spots - As we will be working closely, I only onboard a select number of private clients at the beginning of every quarter; please make sure to get in touch now.

Investment: 975 EUR, incl. VAT*

​*  3 x monthly payment of 325 EUR possible.

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”


Bronnie Ware, Regrets of the Dying.

 1:1 heart@work roadmap:

Introduction: During a complimentary "Chemistry Call", we get to know each other, discuss your intentions, and see how I could support you best.

You will get a clear feeling and understanding of how my coaching approach works. Afterward, you will receive a tailored roadmap based on your needs.  (50 Min)​

Discovery: In our first session, we co-design our coaching relationship and your big picture. We explore what is holding you back, your inner stories, and how you can reconnect with your potential. 

Exploration and growth: In the transformative coaching sessions, we work with different methods and exercises on your topics.

Deepening: You get access to worksheets, mediations, and other resources tailored to your individual needs.

Action: In the time between our sessions, you will implement individual tasks and take time for reflection. You can reach me by phone, WhatsApp, and e-mail for ongoing support.

Included Bonuses

  • Personalized guided visualization to access your heart and intuition (audio file)

  • Guideline on how to continue the heart@work journey after the completion (e-book)

Empath Survival Guide Cover.png

Get your copy of my

Empath Survival Guide:

How to not be paralyzed by your inner critic(s)

Thank you! You will receive your download link shortly!♡

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