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Olà, I am Eva

My mission is to encourage empathetic women to stop boxing themselves into the "normal" 9 to 5 hamster wheel, where they feel depleted and tired at the end of the day.


Instead, I want to empower women to design a work life where they can be truly themselves, express their unique potential and make a positive difference in this world."

Is this you?

Like many people, you wonder if you are still on the right career path.


The “normal” 9 to 5 routine alienates and tires you. 

At work, you feel you cannot be your authentic self and you have to adapt a lot in order to fit in.  


For some time, you have been thinking about changing your work life in a direction where you can create more meaning and impact for causes that you really care about.


Maybe you dream about living abroad and working remotely, you don't want to be caged into an office anymore.

Living as a digital nomad in the Bali bubble also doesn’t sound like a long-term alternative to you. 

I feel you!

It took me some time and courage to allow myself to go for the work-life that really energizes me and gives me the power to do things in my own way.


Back in 2017/2018, I was really stuck: My hormones were totally out of whack, I had been dreaming about moving to another country where I felt more at home, how to build a career where I could work with people individually, and not be bound to an office. However, I didn’t want to disappoint and hurt anyone. In my mind, I had to live up to the expectations around me, not cause conflict, instead of honoring my own truth. I was afraid to change and to fail with my dreams. It took me at least 3 years not just to admit to myself, but also to the people close to me, that I had outlived my life and started embarking on a new journey. 


Coaching helped me to overcome my self-imposed fears, get clarity on what is important to me and turn my knowledge into action. During the course to become a certified Co-Active Coach, I experienced coaching myself and had several light bulb moments that resonated deeply.


At the end of 2018, I closed several chapters of my life to begin something new. I got divorced, quit my corporate job, moved out of my apartment, started my own business, and traveled the world. 

Today, I continue to build a work life on my own terms. A business where my heart comes first. I live 5 Mins from the beach and work remotely with inspiring personal clients and inspirational global organizations like Child Helpline International, UNICEF, and DHL. 


I witness the transformation of my clients and I feel blessed to be part of their journey. Now, I support other empathic

women to create a fulfilling out-of-the-box work life, too.

Reimagined my career

"Due to the coaching sessions with Eva ⁣I have increased my self-belief and got access to my resources and strengths. I moved away from my head (overthinking, worries, fear) to my body and whole being. I explored new perspectives, becoming aware of thoughts and beliefs that were blocking me. I connected with my purpose and values and took action by starting my own business."

⁣Maria, Coach and Learning Expert

Maria Urkedal York .jpg

You are an ambitious, empathic professional who:

  • ​wants to be her whole authentic self at work and doesn’t want to change her personality to fit in

  • values meaning, purpose, and contributing to something you truly believe in as more than climbing the corporate career ladder

  • is open-minded, speaks several languages, and loves to work internationally and/or remotely

  • invests into your personal and professional growth

  • takes responsibility for your (work) life and career choices 

  • is committed to the coaching journey and takes action after every session

  • speaks her truth; you are honest with yourself and me even if it is uncomfortable


I am an empathic and professional partner who connects easily with people. My clients feel immediately safe to be fully themselves and enjoy the trustful atmosphere in our sessions. 


I am driven to evolve and grow continuously. I love to support people on the journey of creating self awareness and developing into who the want to become.


I encourage myself and my clients to push forward through the mostly self-imposed hurdles and fears and to go for the work-life choices which really energize and fulfil us.

My qualifications

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) - Co-Active Training Institute (200 hours)


  • 6 years experience in international Talent & Leadership Development in a global company with 20.000 employees


  • Offering personal coaching, leadership training, and team development to organizations worldwide in order to facilitate successful cultural transformation, high-performance teams, and leadership behaviors of the 21st century. Clients: UNICEF, UNAIDS, Child helpline International, Deutsche Post DHL Group, DHL Global Forwarding, Momentum logistic consultancy, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung EV Athens, Youth Against Aids


  • Master of Arts in Intercultural Personnel Development and Organizational Communication, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany


Are you ready for a heartfilled work life?


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During my bi-weekly Heart@Work Letter, you will receive meaningful insights from my coaching practice on the following topics:

  • What to do when you are at a crossraods in your career journey


  • Step-by-step courage to set yourself free from draining work that limit your autonomy, purpose, and personal growth 

  • (Re)discovering your superpowers and tapping into your empathic potential 

  • Exploring possibilities and new ways of working 

  • Starting the journey of creating YOUR heartfelt work life

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