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Create your own path courageously

This is a wonderful time to develop a clear vision for a fulfilling and independent (work)life. As the world is still going through so much change and chaos, we are called more than ever to courageously follow our own path.

Let go of your own limitations

A couple of years ago it was unimaginable for me to live and work in a sunny country close to the beach – “that’s only for dreamers and hippies”. Impossible to find like-minded people who are mission-driven, speak multiple languages, are highly independent and enjoy what they do. To work with clients and people that energize me. I couldn’t see another option than aiming for the next promotion, working from a dusty office, adapting to the people I frequented and worked with, and being able to tolerate it all by looking forward to the next vacation, retreat or further education to recharge my batteries and experience some adventure.

How a fulfilled work & life can look like

When I look at my life now, I know that I created these limitations and by changing my programming I broke through them and took action to change. Today, I live 5 Mins from the beach, meet amazing people who also had the courage to step out of the normal work system, my social life has never been more fulfilled (even during a global pandemic), have a loving partner who supports me in my vision, work remotely with inspiring personal clients and inspirational global organisations like Childhelpline International, UNICEF and UNAIDs. I am healthy, fulfilled and above all I love what I do because my work has allowed me to create value for others. I see the transformation of my clients and I feel blessed to be part of their journey.

If you are feeling like stuck in a rut in your life and work, if you want a change, and feel that your inner voice of what you really want to do with your life is not being listened to in your heart, then give me a call and let us see if I can help you to give you the clarity, courage and pathway for you to live the life you deserve.


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