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Stop your self-improvement compulsion - 4 ways to let go of judging yourself

This is a weird message from a life coach. Please hear me out.

I have noticed a pattern in some of my clients (and yes, I might have been there myself) the story of „I am not enough“.

I am telling you THE MOST beautiful, loving, compassionate women (haven’t heard it as much from men) who work as teachers, humanitarians, literally making the world a better place who have a totally different, negative image of themselves. It’s shocking. I cannot believe the negative, brutal self-talk.

You are people-pleasing, underserving, believing you need to „earn“ your right to be alive? That you don’t deserve to be happy and fulfilled all the time? That would be selfish. Other people yes, but me? No!!! I need to continue to self-improve. Every day. All the time.

I am always wondering how I can instill infinite love, self-confidence and let my clients know how beautiful they are. RIGHT NOW. The truth is no one can do that for us. No matter how much recognition, affection and love we would get from the outside, it will never be enough. There is always something to be improved, something to change, someone who is ahead of us. Don’t get me wrong I am a big believer in purposeful growth and learning. But not from a place of lack, criticism, comparison, running after the carrot in the hamster wheel.

Here are some ideas how you can make more room for being

(less improving) in your life:

A great reminder from a dear friend of mine:

Put away your self-help guides, and read a novel instead

In our coaching journey, you can reconnect with your true self and your highest potential. It is a game changer to have someone beside you who reminds you of who you are and uncover what you thought you have lost.


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