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Smile - it surprises people.

Do you know the kind of people that usually complain when you ask them how they are doing?

That always seem to be too stressed, too busy, unsatisfied with their job, colleagues, whatever? Just waiting for the next weekend or vacation? Looking to find the light at the end of the tunnel that never seems to be found?

Are you maybe one of them without realizing it?

I often feel like people love to talk about their problems and leave their “garbage” in front of my house. Which is okay, if they are having a bad day and need a person of trust to share their frustrations, get another perspective and changing their situation. We all go through difficult times and being honest and vulnerable about it is important.

Then there are people who are in constant complaining mode. Managers who are responsible for teams and organisational units who have no idea on how toxic their behaviour is and how negatively they affect the mood and energy level of the people around them. Usually, they spend most time with people who are quiet negative as well.

Dr. Leandro Herrero describes in his concept of viral change how behaviours are infectious and spread like viruses through organisations. This means especially as a leader you should be aware on how you show up in life, at work, with your peers, kids or spouse. The more responsibility and influence you have, the more people will imitate and copy you. It is your job to make a positive impact and not to face problems with acquiescence.

Check in with yourself on how you show up at work (and in your life) at the moment:

  • How is your energy level?

  • In which mood do you spend your 24 hours per day?

  • How do you greet people on Monday morning?

  • How do you deal with daily changes, hustle and obstacles?

  • Would you feel uplifted after having a conversation with you?

It is your job to make a difference and to create an environment where people feel safe, encouraged and ready to take responsibility. Let’s not run on a constant panic and stress mode, bring more happiness to ourselves and the people around us.

Let me know what you think and your strategies how to create positive (work) environments for yourself and the people around you.


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