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Create a work life
that makes your heart sing

Personal development coach - helping heart-centered leaders

Heart@work journey for empathic women

Do you feel depleted from your current job and have reached a crossroads on what to do next with your precious work life?

In my heart@work journeys, I support leaders to reconnect with their heart and to walk their own authentic and fulfilling path. 


Is your heart at work?

Olá, I am Eva, a passionate international coach and Learning & Development expert. I live in Portugal and love to spend my time outside of work outdoors and at the beach.
From my own journey, I know that empathy and sensitivity are superpowers if we have the courage to create a work life that is aligned with our values.
Through my 1:1 coaching and retreats, I support you with:

  • Overcoming what is holding you back at your current crossroads

  • Reconnecting with your heart and intuition to become clear about your path

  • Changing or leaving a work situation that no longer fulfills you

  • Getting encouragement and support to take important steps toward a freeing and meaningful work life

More authority over my life

"Through the coaching sessions with Eva I realized some limitations I was putting on myself, I was able to lighten up some beliefs that were limiting me and I discovered some tools to trandform these ways of thinking.

I discovered that I have more authority over my life and that I can decide which inner voice I listen to, but also that I don't need to silence any of them completely.

Throughout the sessions, I discovered ways to balance my alter egos in order to act harmoniously. It was also through our sessions that I was able to visualize some life mielstones that I know I want to achieve and tools to access energy sources that will enable me to materialize these visions.

I would recommend many people to go through this process of finding and understanding themselves, to live a fuller life"

Blenda, Early Childhood Educator based in Lisbon

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