Are you ready for a unique, purposeful work-life?


During my fortnightly Purposeful Growth Letter, I share tips and insights from my coaching practice on the following topics:

  • Step-by-step courage to set yourself free from traditional work environments that limit your autonomy, purpose, and personal growth 

  • (Re)discovering your superpowers and tapping into your empathic potential 

  • Exploring possibilities and new ways of working 

  • Starting the journey of creating YOUR unique work-life

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Reimagined my career

"Due to the coaching sessions with Eva ⁣I have increased my self-belief and got access to my resources and strengths. I moved away from my head (overthinking, worries, fear) to my body and whole being. I explored new perspectives, becoming aware of thoughts and beliefs that were blocking me. I connected with my purpose and values and took action by starting my own business."

⁣Maria, Coach and Learning Expert


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