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Why learning can be your way of procrastinating

Like many women, you are passionate about continuous learning.

Yet, have you ever reflected that your knowledge might not reflect in your behaviors? Is learning your way of procrastinating, or are you moving forward?

Here, I share with you three strategies to stop learning procrastination and make progress in transforming your Know-how into action.

What to do to stop your learning procrastination by Eva Eulenstein Coaching

Learning can become procrastination.

I have observed with myself and other people (especially women) that learning can become the ultimate form of procrastination.

We spend years at university, get A`s in our degrees, and invest in courses, certifications, books, listening to endless podcasts, etc. All of this gives us the impression we are moving forward.

Often it keeps us exactly where we are. We might KNOW many exciting theories, models, and tools. But we struggle with actually DOING something with them.

Walk the path, don't just know the path.

Learning how to build an online business and a website does not equal running an online business.

Learning how to coach doesn’t mean you are coaching people.

Likewise, learning how to write a book differs from writing a book.

In the Matrix, Morpheus tells Neo:

“There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

My wish for us women, especially, is to stop chasing confidence on the outside. Start swimming in cold water and freezing, struggling, breathing, and continuing to swim (learn and grow) through the EXPERIENCE.

Stop the constant “Once I have everything together, I’ll get started.”

No book, course, or 5-step model can take the fear of inadequacy away from us.

3 tips to stop your learning procrastination

My tips to stop learning procrastination:

1. Limit your consumption of outside knowledge.

Instead, focus on making space for your thoughts, writing, speaking, creating, and experimenting. Learning to be silent and shut down external noise is the most essential skill we can practice daily to connect with our most profound wisdom. Start and end your day in silence: no phone, music, or distraction. The more you bombard yourself with noise, the less you will be able to tap into your own thinking, creativity, and space. That is the only source for your own insights to emerge.

Even 10 minutes of uninterrupted time where you are with yourself will help you to access your intuition and learn again what drives you. This can be through meditation, journaling, or going for a walk.

2. Wait to put things into practice before committing to new learning.

If you have invested in a course, for example, wait for the next thing until you have put your insights into practice. Often, we are addicted to the thrill of the NEW and don't make enough time to integrate and digest what we have consumed.

Find a buddy, or mentor, or work with a coach like me to keep you accountable and consistent during the implementation.

3. Prioritise your heart project.

Spend 10 Min per day with your highlight of the day, meaning YOU and a project that is close to your heart. If you start with the project you have been pushing back, suddenly, you will gain momentum. You will realize the mountain is smaller than you have painted it in your mind.

Write down skills you have mastered through repetition, trial, and error. You will be surprised how many times you were a beginner, and only through time, you became competent and confident in something.

This may be easier said than done...

You can contact me if you felt identified with this article and need some support to put your knowledge into practice for a more fulfilling life and career. Book a slot that is convenient for you here.


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