Heart@work journey for  
empathic women

Break free from the toxic hamster wheel!

As an empath, you feel depleted from the machinery of the nine to five hamster wheel. Your workplace drains your energy and lacks meaningful work, freedom or growth opportunities that are aligned with your values.


You feel you are giving a lot of yourself and fighting against windmills to change the current work culture. You might struggle be your true self and realize your unique potential as it could not fit the "normal" work path

The heart@work journey guides you from a soulless to your heartfelt work life. 

Reimagined my career

"Due to the coaching sessions with Eva ⁣I have increased my self-belief and got access to my resources and strengths. I moved away from my head (overthinking, worries, fear) to my body and whole being. I explored new perspectives, becoming aware of thoughts and beliefs that were blocking me. I connected with my purpose and values and took action by starting my own business."

⁣Maria, Coach and Learning Expert


Maria Urkedal York .jpg

Imagine this:

  • You know how to authentically express your values in your life and profession

  • You will be professionally accompanied during professional or private changes and make clear decisions for you

  • You get clarity about your professional development and realize your plans

You are exactly at the right place here if you are an ambitious, passionate professional who is looking for a highly personalized coaching journey with someone whom you can trust in.

My clients come to me when they feel that they are at a crossroads in their life or they feel stuck, e.g. at work, not knowing what the next career/life decision they should take.


Your journey to a fulfilled (work) life

This Coaching Journey is for champions: For people who take full accountability for their life, are invested in their personal growth and want to make a difference in this world.

Is this what you wish for yourself and your life?

Book your complimentary session here:

  • 1 x 30 MIN powerful coaching session.

  • Get clarity on a specific challenge, change the mindset, move forward

  • Investment: 89 EUR, excl. VAT

  • 6 x 60 MIN powerful coaching sessions tailored to your needs

  • 3 months

  • Investment: 840 EUR, excl. VAT

  • 10 x 60 MIN powerful coaching sessions tailored to your needs

  • 6 Months

  • Investment: 1300 EUR, excl. VAT


In this transformative coaching journey you will:

  • become aware of yourself, your individual potential and values

  • recognize limiting beliefs, inner critics that block you and learn how to overcome them

  • make conscious decisions and take the steps that suit you and your intentions receive support and courage in change phases and new beginnings

  • practice behaviours that support you in achieving your goals


How does your coaching journey work

I am a certified Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) and integrate my experience in international human resources development into coaching, to achieve the best results for you. 


I support many global organizations like UNICEF, UNAIDS, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Child Helpline International, Youth Against Aids, La Praire, and more in developing their teams and leaders.


Weekly or biweekly sessions during 4-6 months.


I coach individuals over the phone or through Zoom across the world.


I speak German, English and Brazilian Portuguese.


One coaching session takes 60 minutes. 

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.


Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is how it works:

  1. Introduction: During a complimentary "Chemistry Call", we get to know each other, discuss your intentions and how I can support you best (50 Min)

  2. Discovery: In our first session, we define our coaching relationship and the roadmap for your journey

  3. Exploration and growth: In the transformative coaching sessions we work with different methods and exercises on your topics

  4. Deepening: You get access to worksheets, mediations, and other resources tailored to your individual needs

  5. Action: In the time between our sessions you will implement individual tasks and take time for reflection. You can reach me by phone, WhatsApp, and e-mail

Optional Offers

  • Receive your personal psychometric profile that shows your individual strengths, communication style, how you work in a team, how your work should look like, etc. (value tbd.)

  • Receive individual guidance throughout your application process, e.g. optimize your CV and your professional profile on LinkedIn.


Get your copy of my guide:

The 3 most common inner critics of empaths and how to stop being paralyzed by them

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