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Four surprising steps to create a bit more Purpose NOW

Maybe you are tired of the overuse of the buzzword Purpose. In this short article, I debunk some common misconceptions of how we "find" our purpose, and reveal why purpose is intrinsic to your being.

You will learn more about...

  • why it's a win-win-win to live with purpose

  • what purpose truly means

  • what questions to ask yourself and which NOT

  • Four surprising steps that have helped me and my clients create purpose

Welcome to a fresh perspective on purpose that empowers you to take tangible steps toward more meaning and impact in your life.

So, why do we need a purpose?

Living with purpose gives our lives a foundation. Stability. We wake up with energy in the morning. We go to bed with gratitude. We look back at our life as a journey that we are creating.

That means purpose gives us direction and drive, and we feel powerful. We are in the driver's seat.

But what does it mean to truly live with purpose? 

Living with purpose is the opposite of living on default or autopilot.

Live intentionally. 

Instead of looking for others (our parents, peers, social media) to tell you what is expected, become honest with yourself and take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, choices, and actions. 

That's a question I am asking myself repeatedly: What do I genuinely want to create and why?

Am I still trying to prove to my parents that I am good/successful enough, or do I take the risk to try out paths that have never been walked before to create from my heart and truth?

In my life, that has meant making hard choices like ending relationships that looked successful on the outside but were not aligned with my values.

Leaving a successful corporate career to create a solopreneur journey where I didn't know the path or the outcome.

How you will NOT find your purpose

What blocks is the question: How do I find my purpose?

You will not find your purpose. It's always been with you.

Step 1: Your Essence

Open yourself up. Your purpose is part of your essence.

See what you have been bringing to the world since childhood: a unique way of being, seeing, and experiencing this life.

  • Maybe it is the way you connect with animals, how you light up a room with your smile, the way you notice small details and moments others miss, how you keep calm amid a storm or the way you build things with the greatest efficiency. 

  • Explore podcasts, books, and stories that fascinate you. I could listen to people's stories all day long. I am fascinated to dig deep into someone's soul and explore the treasures. 

Step 2: How Others See You

Sometimes, you need others to see what you are simply blind to. Ask your circle of trust how they would describe you in 3 words and what they see you doing with love naturally.

  • Work with a coach and join development programs or any professional group setting to mirror your impression and impact on others.

Step 3: From the Heart, Not the Ego

Don't create purpose from ego. It needs to be big. I need to have 1 million followers, or it doesn't matter. Don't compare yourselves to icons Ghandi, Frankl, and Oprah to feel small and insignificant.

Instead of asking yourself, "What is my purpose?" ask what bothers you; what are the things that you would like to see differently in this world?

  • What breaks your heart?

  • Are you outraged by the wars, genocides, and right-wing movements? Think of the tiniest steps to be more at peace with yourself, your closest relationships, and your communities. 

Step 4: The Bigger Picture

Bring purpose into your life right now. Reflect on how your being and work already affect others today.

I love the Yale study where they interviewed cleaning staff of major hospitals and found that some individuals saw themselves not as less valuable but as an integral part of the healing team. That perspective changed everything for them.*

  • We can approach mundane tasks with resentment or infuse them with purpose by telling a different story—by bringing a clear intention to daily tasks, relationships, and work.

  • You can start your day by asking yourself in the morning: What is my intention for this day/meeting/encounter? Journal on it or write down a word or sentence that resonates.

Before I go into a workshop or coaching session, for example, I connect with the people who will be there in my mind and send them positive wishes like "May they leave this workshop with an aha moment or insight that touches their heart."

"Learn to find meaning now; it will serve you all your life"*


In conclusion, if you are weary of the overused buzzword "purpose," you're not alone.

Instead of feeling not good enough because you haven't "found" a gigantic purpose to impress others, remember that purpose is an intrinsic part of who you are.

I hope this is a helpful reminder to move beyond clichés and infuse your life with genuine meaning.

Ready to embark on this journey? Start today by implementing one small action that aligns with your authentic purpose.

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  • Start/Stop/Continue: What enters your life, what exits, and what persists?

  • Defining the impact you wish to create

  • Crafting actionable steps to manifest your intentions

I am a certified Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) and integrate 11 years of experience in leadership development with private and corporate clients worldwide to create more hearfelt work lives.


During the session, I will use tools like Personal Why, Your “inner team”, Fear exercise, breathwork, tapping, guided visualizations, and others to help you gain clarity, courage, and alignment for 2024.

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  • Yale Study by Alison Fuller and Lorna Unwin: Job Crafting and Identity in Low-Grade Work: How Hospital Porters Redefine the Value of their Work and Expertise, 2016.

  • Quote by Jay Shetty: Think Like a Monk, 2020.


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