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Client Journey: Federica - When to leave a toxic workplace and take a leap of faith

Federica came to me to regain her strength and to find a new (career) perspective. Our coaching journey helped her to gain self confidence again, overcome her fears, leave a toxic work environment and realize her business idea to improve corporate social responsibility.

What was the most helpful to get out of the place you were in and become or be again your authentic self and feel more energy and enjoy your work life?

Definitely, when we worked, one thing that really helped me was to realise how sad I was inside. That was a really impactful experience. I thought that I felt angry, maybe disappointed but then, in one of our sessions, I realised I'm really sad. And then I thought to myself, “I don't really want to feel that” and I think that was one of the starting points to say “Okay, you really need to change something because you deserve not to be sad.” I stepped back from my current reality and we did this exercise to connect to the higher self, where I realised I cannot continue like that.

One thing was the mirroring and kind of seeing yourself from an outside perspective and saying, no, okay, I don't want that. But then to take real action and to change something is a huge leap. The more I work as a coach, the more I see it. How people are struggling, and they keep postponing changes, even though they know they need to make them. What helped you to make this leap of faith and to say, “I'm going to quit this job. I learned a lot here, but now it's time to move on and to start my own business?”

With me, it took time because we started working in November 2019. And I think I would say that this was a starting point of the process of finding myself again. It took about a year from the point where I realised really “I'm not ok, I want to change” to changing. And I think one of the big things is really that we don't listen so much to our instincts and a lot to our brains or head. And my head said a lot of things like “it's not that bad.” “You're earning good money.” “It's okay, maybe you just need to do this, and try that out.” I was exploring all the options. “Maybe it can work, I haven't tried enough you know, I need to push harder.”

So it was all these things and fear of the unknown as well. “ So what happens if it doesn’t work? You never know, maybe you’re not earning money the first few months… how are you going to do it?”

All these things are hard to overcome. I think your exercises and your support definitely helped through that, because it's already difficult. It would have taken me longer if I was by myself.

You may have overcome lots of challenges in the last year and long for healing, reconnecting with your life force and taking the leap towards a more fulfilling work life. If you don't know don't know where to start, or simply need some guidance and accountability in your journey, I recommend booking a free chemistry call with me to find out how I can best help you. Click here to do that now.


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